Paid advertising on Social Media (FB & LinkedIn) with Shachar Raz

During this talk, Shahar will talk about paid advertising on Social Media. LinkedIn (mainly B2B) and Facebook (both B2B and B2C). In this presentation Shahar will cover the following:

- Getting to know the campaign manager.
- How does the algorithm work?
- Which audiences should we target?
- Best creative examples for 2020 in different categories

Shahar Raz's Bio: I am a seasoned full-stack marketer and entrepreneur who loves to come up with game-changing strategies for social media success. I started doing this in 2011 and felt like I found my true calling and passion. This is what I wake up for every day. I founded Socially in order to provide the best service possible in the ever-changing social media landscape, and since then we’ve helped numerous businesses of all shapes and sizes deliver outstanding results.
Visit at:
Shahar Raz's LinkedIn:

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