Getting to know your target audience for better Marketing with Noa Lifshitz (In Hebrew)

Join us for a fun conversation about really getting to know your target audience, understanding what they need and want, and small things you can do to delight them.

We’ll talk about active listening vs empathetic listening, creating empathetic content, and all the ways in which empathy helps grow your business.

Noa Lifshitz's Bio: With 14 years of experience, 5 of which as an entrepreneur myself, I advise tech-driven companies from around the world on everything content and communications. From fundraising to marketing to attracting job candidates - I help startups uncover their unique value for each target audience then tailor their messages around it. My goal is to help founders make better decisions, think on their feet, and achieve sustainable success through fully customized strategic improvements. I’ve helped early-stage startups raise over $40M and mentored hundreds of  founders in various programs in Israel, Taiwan, and China.

Noa Lifshitz's LinkedIn:

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