E-Comm Bootcamp: Facebook + Instagram

Driving Scalable Traffic through Facebook + Instagram Ads.
Facebook makes it simple to boost posts, but often, we’re not sure if the money we spend on these is really driving any value (hint: it’s probably not.)  We’ll break down the basics of PPC, including tracking, targeting, and optimizing. Then in the workshop, we’ll pull up the live campaigns for 2–3 companies and show a real-time analysis of the campaigns and make suggestions on how to improve performance.

About the Mentor:
Pedro Sostre is data-driven, tech-savvy, and passionate. He is the author of "Web Analytics for Dummies," and over the course of his career has worked with a multitude of organizations including the NFL, Cadillac, University of Alabama, Sonoma County, The Everglades Foundation, Black Helmet and others.

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