E-Comm Bootcamp: Intro/Orientation Session + Goal Setting & Objectives

Navigate and WeWork Consumer Labs have teamed up to bring emerging consumer startups and SMBs to the next level. In an 8 week program starting in October, 2020 you will deep dive into how to maximize your paid digital ads, learning strategies for leading platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Pinterest and more.

Week 1:

Intros & Overview
We’ll take this first week to get to know who’s here and talk about what we can expect to learn here. This is more than just a masterclass on the in’s and out’s of running great facebook campaigns. We are going to talk through the user experience for your advertising journey. What story are you telling your visitors? What is your plan for growth? Each step in successful campaigns is deliberate and goal focused and that’s how we’re going to structure this class.

Also, we’re keeping our signature Theory + Workshop format so each week you’ll get solid info and we will build on that by tackling examples from our attendees in real time, in front of everyone. This is a no-nonsense bootcamp that cuts out the fluff and delivers actionable information each week.

Goal Setting & Objectives

Before we even start a campaign, we establish what your goals are. What does success look like for you and what assumptions and benchmarks are you starting out with? How does the budget we set for this month deliver the results you’re looking for next month. Too often we see companies with arbitrary marketing budgets and no real plan for consecutive months of growth.

This week is where we lay the foundation for key decisions we’ll make in future weeks.

About the Mentor:
Pedro Sostre is data-driven, tech-savvy, and passionate. He is the author of "Web Analytics for Dummies," and over the course of his career has worked with a multitude of organizations including the NFL, Cadillac, University of Alabama, Sonoma County, The Everglades Foundation, Black Helmet and others.

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