Sales for Non-Sellers: Building Trust

As entrepreneurs working in a startup or small business environment, we find ourselves wearing many hats out of pure necessity. While some of these hats may feel comfortable based on our professional experience, sales can be particularly daunting and difficult if your past experiences have focused on other business disciplines. Whether you are gaining product consensus from internal stakeholders, soliciting investment, negotiating distribution channels, or building marketing partnerships – we believe that everyone is in sales.

Our philosophy is based on connecting your IQ with your EQ.  Throughout this four-part series, we will focus on the fundamentals of authenticity, trust, perspective and meaningful conversations as a basis to connect deeply with customers, build long-lasting trusted relationships and ultimately, drive revenue.

Session 2: Building Trust. Trust is a foundational block to establishing lasting relationships. In this session, we will explore the traits necessary to be trustworthy and provide discussion to understand the nature of emotional and actionable trust activities that impact the nature of relationships.

About the Mentors:
Terri Hintz: Co-Founder of Trestle Sales Training and Consulting focusing on helping others to have success in sales and in all aspects of their lives. Our Connected Selling training platform is proven to drive revenue, growth, and build strong relationships at every level. We use this program as the basis for our workshops and coaching offerings.

Dan Russell: Multifaceted technology leader offering 20 years of designing instructional materials, documentation, and effective delivery methods. Innovative, highly analytical business development and sales leader, with history of exceeding multi-million-dollar revenue objectives through extensive employee development and execution of targeted, data-driven strategies that fulfill product and marketing needs and profitability goals of diverse businesses and clients.

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