Wealth Essentials How to Save A Fortune: Tax Tips Your Accountant Doesn't Tell You

Join us for Wealth Essentials for Entrepreneurs on the first Wednesday of the month! Don't miss the second installation of this monthly series on Wed. Dec. 2! Fellow member and mentor, Adam Scott, will lead us through wealth enhancement and preservation tactics and this week is all about..... taxes.

Tax avoidance is legal. Tax evasion is not. An essential secret to Warren Buffet’s fortune is his tax avoidance. An essential secret to growing your wealth is to be tax efficient. The good news: businesses are specially designed tax avoidance vehicles. The bad news: you cannot rely on your CPA to implement these strategies for you; in fact, you can rely on them not to.

Merv Adelson, once the richest man in Hollywood died broke. Many entrepreneurs and business owners work their tail off, only to see their wealth evaporate. Do not let this happen to you. A four-part series which will teach you the essentials of how to grow and protect your wealth or “how to save a fortune.”

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