Labs for Good Presents: Purpose Storytelling Workshop

Join our WeWork Labs for Good community for an interactive, case study-based workshop and panel discussion focused on the topic of purpose storytelling - i.e., how to tell an impactful story about your company through video!

This workshop will be facilitated by the founders of Prodigium Pictures, Hiroki Kamada and Tobias Deml. Prodigium Pictures produces marketing videos for purpose-driven organizations - such as the launch video for Ava that garnered 23,000 organic shares in 72 hours and helped launch this accessibility tech company. Join both the producers, storytellers as well as the Founder of Ava in a case study of turning a complex story into an impactful product launch. This session will be interactive - expect to meet other members of the WeWork Labs for Good community, discuss purpose storytelling with Hiroki and Tobias, and expand your impact network!

The full slide deck is shared below and be sure to check out this guide on getting the word out when launching a new mission-driven product or starting a non-profit initiative.

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