Labs for Good presents: Building a Culture of Empathy

Facilitated by the author of "Empathy for Change: How to Create a More Understanding World", Amy J Wilson, will show you how to insert empathy into your startup's culture. Working through the Heart, Head, Hand framework, we will do a short sprint for how to build a movement around change, all the while inserting deep empathy for each other. We will share practical tips--and more importantly--give you a roadmap for redesigning a system that works for everyone, not just a select few.

In this workshop participants will:
➞ Learn how to build a culture of innovation that harnesses technology but does so responsibly and is infused with empathy and equity at the core

➞ Get first-hand experience in setting your team and company up for success in redesigning the culture with intention

➞ Discover how to set the right intentions and measure their impact

➞ See what makes up an emotionally safe culture that is focused on inclusion where everyone’s voice can be heard and they can contribute to the larger mission

➞ Use our framework to design a culture from the heart and the head and insert action

WeWork Labs for Good is a community of socially responsible, mission-driven entrepreneurs & innovators across the globe. Whether you want to build your social impact network and connect with leaders in the field, explore available resources, exchange ideas, learn from other entrepreneurs, or get expert advice: you are welcome in our community!

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