Leadership Academy: How To Connect, Build, and Foster Growth in Your Early Team

The ART of hiring has changed!

In this “gig” economy, millennial employees are making career moves about every 18-months. Many organizations and companies are struggling to keep up. Top talent does not care about ping-pong tables or free kegs (although they don’t hurt).

What do they care about?

Come to grips with millennial needs and expectations. Learn practical strategies (from a millennial speaker/coach/entrepreneur!) to create purpose driven missions, develop programs for growth, and keep the top-talent for the long term.

This experiential session will engage you to:

  • Identify top market trends driving the current hiring market for millennials.
  • Understand what millennials are looking for in meaningful work and how to build strategies to connect with and hire this talent.
  • Create opportunities for growth and align your practices/culture/mindset to keep millennial top talent for the continued success of your organization.
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