Business Growth Bootcamp: Repositioning Your Business To Scale

Is your professional services company in need of a strategic repositioning?

Is your brand messaging not connecting to your ideal client?
Has your business evolved and the public is not clear on who you are and what you do?
Do you have too many focuses and your brand is causing confusion in the market?
Do you keep attracting and serving unideal customers, resulting in draining your resources, money, and time? Is your brand lacking real differentiation in the marketplace?
Are you the best kept secret in your market?

Any of these sound familiar?

In this interactive virtual masterclass, Seema Alexander, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Disruptive.CEO, will teach you the exact six strategies from her proven U.N.I.Q.U.E Method™ for service-based entrepreneurs and their businesses on how to differentiate themselves against their competitors, consistently attract their ideal client, and double their revenue.

This workshop is ideal for service-based CEOs who have been in business 4+ years, have gained some traction, and have had some level of success, but are looking to move from the hamster wheel of a project based business to create a more scalable business model to prepare for exponential growth.

This process has resulted in enhanced business and brand authority, millions of dollars in revenue, and the unmeasurable impact that her clients have made through scaling their businesses around the world.

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