Business Growth Bootcamp: Sales for Founders - Building a Scalable Sales Operating System

Relying on the CEO and founders to lead client conversations and sales is often a critical component of driving early growth. At the same time, sales is often viewed as an activity reserved for a specialized group of professionals with a unique set of aptitudes and skills. While all businesses aspire to attract such commercial staff across the growth of their organization, CEOs and founders typically need to rapidly develop competence and expertise in this activity in order to boost early growth.

Founders should embrace the critical activity of client engagement and should have on-going involvement in expanding the client base. For their businesses to truly thrive, a direct understanding of prospective client motivations and how clients evaluate offerings, is essential for leaders to make high-quality product, investment, and strategy decisions at every stage.

Participants completing this workshop with a framework to approach building a scalable sales operating system to grow their business.

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