Business Growth Bootcamp: An EOS® - Entrepreneurial Operating System Primer: Get a Grip on Your Business

Many entrepreneurs and business leaders are working harder than ever, but getting less return on their time and money.  The ROI is simply not there.
Maybe you grapple with some of these challenges:

•  Lack of control over time, markets, or your company.
•  People who don’t listen, understand, or follow through.
•  Profit that’s inconsistent and/or there’s not enough.
•  Growth is happening, but you can’t break through to the next level.
•  Quick fixes that come and go, bringing little change with continued frustrations.


Get a Grip on Your Business.

Are you a business owner or a senior-level executive and want to see your business consistently run better and grow faster?  Beth Berman, CEO of Compellications™and a Certified EOS Instructor will introduce you to the Six Key Components™ of a successful business from the Entrepreneurial Operating System [an internationally known method used by 1000s of growth-oriented CEOs to optimize their people, process and technology goals to scale. At the conclusion of this workshop, you will walk away with a set of simple, practical tools that you and your leadership team will use immediately to focus on priorities, get clear on issues, and gain traction together, as a healthier leadership team.

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