Business Growth Bootcamp: Legal Aspects You Need to Know to Raise Funding

This masterclass will focus on how to mitigate key challenges founders face when raising funds. Anthony Millin will guide us on how to successfully raise outside money whether its friends and family, seed, angel or venture capital. No matter the stage of growth or the traction earned, the challenges facing the founding team are great!

This workshop will get you prepared for how to start your round of funding and to close your round properly. You will develop a deeper understanding on what you need to do and learn more about:

  • The Investor Package
  • Term Sheet
  • Form of Securities Offered
  • Valuation (Anti-Dilution Protection)
  • Investor Rights (Information/Preemptive Rights)
  • Regulatory Compliance

You will leave this masterclass knowing the fundamentals of raising capital, both legal and strategic considerations, mistakes to avoid, and become confident on your next steps with a plan to fundraising.

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