WeWork Labs Member Portal FAQ

How do I access the member portal?

To access the member portal go to members.weworklabs.com and log in with your WeWork ID. If you haven’t onboarded yet, you’ll be prompted to do so—that way we can give you the most personalized experience!

I’m running into some issues accessing the portal. What do I do?

Make sure you’re using the same login as you do to access the WeWork Member Network or Insider. If you’re still having problems logging in, please let us know here.

My photo is missing or I’d like to update it. How do I add one?

Go to members.wework.com → Your profile, click on “Edit your profile” and then on your profile image.

Some additional profile information can be updated through your profile on the WeWork member network. Here you can add or update:

  • Your photo
  • Your job title

How do I update my company logo?

Please send an email to labsmembervalue@wework.com with a request to update your company logo and an attached .jpeg or .png file or URL of the image you wish to use.

Some of my profile information is missing or needs to be updated. How do I update it?

Click on your avatar at the top of the left menu. Most of your profile information can be updated by clicking on the pencil icon in your profile view.

This will take you to your onboarding form where you can add or update your information.

NOTE: Make sure you scroll to the bottom and hit submit for it to save!

Some of my company information is missing or needs to be updated. How do I update it?

If you are a founder, you can update the following information by clicking on the pencil icon in your profile.

  • Name of your company: If you’re doing business under a different venture than your official WeWork account name, you can update that here.
  • Elevator pitch
  • Company website and company logo is set through your WeWork profile and you can update it if you go to members.wework.com → Company profile.

How do I book time with a mentor?

Once you have found a mentor you would like to book time with, simply click the “Book Now” option as pictured below. Choose your date and select from one of the available times and you’re all set!

You will be given an option to provide some context on what you're looking for advice on that will be forwarded to the mentor for your meeting. The mentor will also receive your name, company, sales pitch, and LinkedIn profile. You and the mentor will receive confirmation emails as well as a reminder the day of.

Come to your meeting prepared! Learn more about how to get the most out of your office hour.

We know plans change. If you need to reschedule or cancel your meeting, let your mentor know through the link in your invite. Please don’t leave your mentors hanging! You can view the full Code of Conduct here.

I see an event I’m interested in, how do I attend?

As all events are currently being held virtually, each event will have a link that you can use to access the virtual event space, be it Zoom, Calend.ly, or another service.

Remember, you can also save the event to your personal calendar to ensure you don’t forget!

I missed an event I wanted to attend, will there be another session?

Don't worry! Most of our sessions are recorded and you can access any of these at your leisure on Insider here.

What is the Recommended for Me section?

The Recommended For Me section allows you to uncover resources to help you reach your goals - matching mentors to meet, relevant reads and on-demand sessions to watch. When you click, you will be asked to fill out a short self-assessment on the week and plan your next steps thoughtfully, using SMART goals. Try it now!

What’s the difference between Featured Events and the Global calendar?

Featured Events are events that we wish to highlight to Labs members. They range from talks with prominent industry leaders to webinars that offer helpful tips that apply to any Labs member. Our global calendar features all events available to our members.

What are Staff Picks?

Staff Picks in the Member Portal offers a variety of content, from diverse sources. Every piece is curated and categorized by themes we feel are most relevant to Labs members. These can be videos, podcasts, books, or other media.

How do I request to be added as a service provider to the Member Discount page?

You can apply to provide a Member Discount right from the Discounts page in the portal. You can also access that same form below.

You will be asked to provide some information on the product or service you are providing.

Under the Specific Offer Details please provide the exact value being offered whether it be a specific percentage or free consultation, etc.

Under the Application Instructions provide the promo code or if the process is email based be sure to include whether to mention WeWork Labs or a specific phrase that will alert you internally that the inquiry is sourced from our Member Discounts offerings.

I can't access Slack, how do I get on?

After competing your onboarding form you should receive an invitation email to join the WeWork Labs workspace. You will then need to set your name and password and you will be all set!

What is Slack? How do I use it?

The Labs Slack workspace is where Labs members can communicate directly with one another, make specific asks to the global community, offer their own services to each other, and keep updated on new announcements, features, and resources from the Labs team.

Additionally, the Labs Slack workspace has an extensive list of channels for members to join. While some are global and we encourage everyone to join, other channels are for specific regions, industries, roles, or cohorts.

A safe channel to ask the Labs community for assistance (on anything and everything) as well as an opportunity to give back.

We, and the larger Labs community, want to hear about all your wins! Please post about client acquisition, press, funding, mental health and anything you want to share that is deemed a success!

...and more!

Not sure how to use Slack? Watch this helpful intro video.

I found a bug! How do I get it fixed?

We’re always here to help! Submit tickets here or click on the “Feedback and Support” link in the left hand navigation of the member portal.

As always, if you need additional support please contact us at labsmembervalue@wework.com.

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